Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Three years ago yesterday the Alberta British Columbia District of Lutheran Church Canada it had a “sufficient cash flow shortage.” The ABC District was bankrupt. District officials said they “erred on the side of the gospel.” It’s a repugnant idea that sprang from the mouth of a District staffer in the early days of the crisis in 2015. I only heard it uttered once myself, but the stage was set: no one was to blame.

“That’s What Christmas is All About Charlie Brown”


Tis the Season

I don’t really need to say too much about this, other than it seems to be the season for church leaders to lawyer up. You really have to wonder if it’s something about the nature of institutional churches that leads to this kind of issue. sigh.

LINK to CBC NEWS: Stolen donations, tax fraud, abusive priests: Lawsuit alleges corruption among Greek Orthodox church leaders

The End is Nigh

ABC District’s CCAA (bankruptcy protection) is nearing its end. On January 5, 2015 ABC District declare itself in a “sufficient cash flow shortage.” That particular baffle-gab (re: bullshit) was the first volley in a series of misses and misdirections from Distrct and Synod leadership when the insolvency was announced. Of course it only took a couple of weeks for District and Synod to put a clamp on communications and rig for silent running.