A Study in Contrast

The ABC District Board of Directors has continued its long-standing tradition of being self-centered and inward looking by ignoring any thought or mention of the people harmed in the CEF/DIL debcale. Instead, it has written an open letter to itself. (insert blank stare and light eye twitching)

Rather than reading my take, I recommend you read the District Board of Directors document first. It’s only one page. Mostly small words. Definitely vetted by a lawyer.

Then click the second link and read that, because that’s the two-month old document the ABC District is referring to. It’s the ASC Notice of Hearing, including ten pages of allegations against the District itself.

ABC District Board of Director’s Open Letter – August 2018

Alberta Securities Commission – Notice of Hearing (ABC District et al)

The allegations are just allegations at the moment. That’s not in question. Neither is the amount of damage to faith done by the District and its leaders. But they don’t mention that. Ever.

Sure, drink the ABC District BoD Kool-Aid(tm), but it’s bitter when you take it with the ASC’s giant grain of salt.

Last Modified on August 25, 2018
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