The Board of Directors of ABC District has directed its people to use a critical eye when perusing the documents alleging wrongdoing by District leaders and the institution itself. It’s good advice. Let’s do that. The District appears concerned that the people of ABC District will unfairly judge the actions of its leadership. We can […]

A Study in Contrast

The ABC District Board of Directors has continued its long-standing tradition of being self-centered and inward looking by ignoring any thought or mention of the people harmed in the CEF/DIL debcale. Instead, it has written an open letter to itself. (insert blank stare and light eye twitching) Rather than reading my take, I recommend you […]

The Future Drags On

That bit of unpleasantness is the future for LCC (since it’s all going to be one big happy family soon). That’s thirty-two (32) court dates. Six weeks worth of information and arguments that will say, among other things, ABC District mislead investors. CTV Calgary kinda puts the finest of points on the accusations when it reported, […]

Happy Triskaidekaphobia Monday

There are Mondays, and then there are Mondays. And tomorrow is the 13th. It’s a trifecta of bad. This is just a reminder that Monday, August 13 is the day Lutheran Church Canada will get a sense if its actions as a religious corporation were legal or not. If things have gone this far, probably […]