The End is Nigh

ABC District’s CCAA (bankruptcy protection) is nearing its end. On January 5, 2015 ABC District declare itself in a “sufficient cash flow shortage.” That particular baffle-gab (re: bullshit) was the first volley in a series of misses and misdirections from Distrct and Synod leadership when the insolvency was announced. Of course it only took a […]

Cross Post:

“ANO” is a member of LCC who runs the “Lutheran Watch” blog. It’s a good blog, and at the moment he has more time than I do to follow the goings-on of Lutheran Church Canada. This is just a quick cross-post for a refresher piece. ANO talks about the Alberta and BC Securities’ Commissions ongoing […]

Shares and Shares Alike

There are no casual observers in the ABC District’s ongoing CEF/DIL debacle. In spite of what’s obviously been a rough three years for depositors, last year there was some hope when the value of the money ABC District lost was transferred into ownership of Prince of Peace Village near Calgary. Depositors became shareholders. I worked […]

A Little Birdie Told Me

Advent is just around the corner; it’s time to focus on important issues of faith. Like restructuring, finance and investments… I know, it baffles me too, but this is Lutheran Church Canada we’re talking about. We have been told CEF/DIL was an error on the side of the gospel. Also, Elvis is working at a […]