CRO Information Website

I was trying to think of a way to do this with a lot of fanfare and fun, but I’ve got nothin.

The real scoop is this: the first priority for my job is to help communicate information to depositors in the District Group insolvency. The easiest way to do that is to do what I’ve been doing here, but now it’s more official “over there.” And over there is

It’s true, the Chief Restructuring Office (CRO, Kluane Partners) now has an information site for depositors. Today’s update is a small first step, and it includes a very brief outline/update of an item in the recovery process. As information becomes available, we’ll be posting it on the site. One thing I’m also working on is making information and updates more efficient. Until now, all questions were going through Cam Sherban’s phone. But since he’s answering the same questions several times a day, we’re working on building a “Frequently asked questions” page so the most common questions will have a

Since I promised that this site would be primary for church issues, this is just a little cross-post to say, >>**!!! CLICK HERE !!**<< to connect to the new site.