Faith is not enough…

It looks like I made an error. My apologies for that. It used to be enough to know that the church was the fellowship of all believers and that the only bond that made synod and districts was a fraternal bond of faith. Apparently LCC has made a permanent change to its articles of faith: from now on please include legal and corporate status.

I pulled a new years post that was caused by, and causing, some confusion. I was told by a couple of members of different congregations that they believed they had elected to leave Synod (or not rejoin, whatever).

Apologies for that. I hate making mistakes. I don’t mind apologizing though, since an error is an error and this is the kind of error that can cause a lot of stress. What can we say, LCC is confusing.

You see, congregations did not ever belong to the District Corporation. Unless they did, which isn’t actually the theology of the church. The only bond is fraternal. Financial commitments are pledges but not legal obligations. Unless they were.

If congregations were members of ABC District, then they’d be…franchises? Now we’re making sense. It was certainly how District and Synod behaved, but I didn’t think that was the actual corporate structure. Unless it was. If it is, then it stood counter to the confessions (which was a concern of Rev. Les Stahlke, who worked on the new Synod structure, until he suddenly didn’t – I see where he was coming from, even if this is a slightly different angle).

If we follow the business parlance – and I think we can – Synod has just consolidated operations as “administrative and management errors” caused “franchise stress” for the Alberta BC District Corporation. ABC District Corporation formerly a religious corporation, is now a de-consecrated holding corporation, managing assets while legal issues rooted in the corporation’s religious phase are sorted out in court.

That’s what it looks like when you strip lipstick off a pig. That, my friend, is the honest silhouette of what ABC became, and is. And no one feels shame. no one complains. I get a lot of nasty email for saying it.

The nicest way I can put it: one of the branch offices blew a tire and threw the whole business into disarray. Emphasis on business.