It was bound to happen…

It was bound to happen. To be generous I’ll call the restructuring process and plan contentious. I listened to the audio of the on-line seminars (there was no video, they were just audio). It universally contains the language of the foregone conclusion. “What we’re doing.” “What we’re going to do.” “The new system WILL be…” A couple of times moderators caught their bias, but it’s clear Synod’s plan is to make the “proposed” a reality, without a lot of discussion.

Considering how close convention is to the anniversary of the reformation on October 31, someone had to fire a volley in the dispute between the Synod’s own restructuring consultant, Rev. Les Stahlke, and Synod. And the volley came in the form of a new 95 thesis.

In 2017, 500 years after the reformation, there’s an uneasy sense that Synod needs reformation. We only need to look to Synod’s own restructuring consultant. This document is now making the rounds: a new 95 Thesis for Lutheran Church Canada as written by Rev. Les Stahlke.

Document: 95 Theses for LCC (PDF)

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