As a working journalist and producer, writing meaningful and understandable pieces is important. I love talking about issues. I love that issues can have two, four, six, twelve sides or more. I love that writing and talking can actually persuade people and effect change. Journalists are trained to be fair (“balance” is a popular word these days, but it’s not the journalists job to “balance” anything, it’s their job to report it).

I’ve gotten a dozen very fun and lighthearted emails about this: Lutheran Church Canada Seeking Communications Manager

Ironically, I interviewed for that job about 25 years ago. It went like this: I flew to Winnipeg, did the interview, and then was told to wait in my hotel room until I got final word about who was chosen among the four Candidates. A knock on the door came in the early evening. The successful candidate (an American) had won the position, but turned the offer down. I was told I was the second top candidate, so I was confident I’d get the offer after the board conferred a little more. The job was then offered to a second candidate, also an American, who also turned it down. Now, apart from the fact I was clearly the number three (or lower) candidate after being told I was the number two candidate was perturbing. I was more than a little irked. I was working in a radio newsroom at the time and I was none too impressed that I was mislead. In late evening a third knock on the door came. The last two remaining candidates weren’t good enough so we’d just go home as scheduled.

That incident informed much of how I perceived Lutheran Church Canada in the future. We want to polite, and effusive, and generous. To accomplish that goal we do impolite, restrictive, and selfish things (like saying misleading things, or losing tens of millions of dollars).

Gee, this is turning into a letter a lot like President Bugbee’s “I’m not standing for re-election,” message. He won’t stand for CEF depositors either, but that’s a different issue.

The problem is I couldn’t do the job of LCC Communications Manager without betraying my faith, or my profession. That’s more than a little ironic. Lutheran Church Canada may meet federal employment regulations, but I’m afraid it simply doesn’t meet my expectations as an honest or open corporation – I wouldn’t be able to do the job the way it should be done, and that would be frustrating.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Last Modified on November 17, 2017
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8 thoughts on “No

  1. Someone is/was trying to hack this post. The “Likes” engine was being hit too, so that’s down. Fun.

  2. larry

    “but you remain willing to worship at an LCC church” Apparently GES didn’t get the message that earthly institutions are just that – earthly institutions. LCC is an earthly institution. Certain congregations belong to LCC. But it is not LCC that makes them any more or less “church.” I would suggest that Andreas worships at said church because it is *catholic* –
    that is, part of the universal, Christian Church – not because it is LCC.

    • GES

      Thanks for Luthersplaining what an earthly institution is … in all my 60+ years including the time I spent as Head Elder I thought spelling *catholic* with a small “c” was a typo.

      • larry

        No – *thank you* for your unbridled passion for an institution that doesn’t practice what she preaches and is in her death throes because of it.

  3. GES

    So what’s your point? LCC did not hire to the position as the only two qualified candidates declined? Should they have ignored competency and hired from the non-qualified pool?

    You couldn’t do the job of communications director as you would be betraying your faith and profession as LCC is beneath you, but you remain willing to worship at an LCC church. Are you lowering your standards in choosing to worship with us LCC commoners?

    LCC has a new structure on the horizon along with a new President and leadership. As a professional communicator maybe you want to become part of the future of LCC and start by contacting President Elect Teuscher – offering to convey your thoughts on what LCC could/should do in establishing an effective communications model.

    • You make a good point, but then you don’t, because you’re not a communications professional and lack the necessary insight. I’ll clarify:

      PR jobs are scarce. If you have a PR job available, you WILL get HUNDREDS of applications from across the country. If you DON’T get HUNDREDS of applications from across the country, you suck.

      It’s an uncomplicated formula. In the PR world, no one is touching LCC because who wants to go into a place where you need a lawyer before you write an article on the history of missions in ABC District?

      It doesn’t take a psychologist to figure out that communications professionals are avoiding Synod in droves. Paradox

  4. larry

    Oh come on Andreas! You should be able to live with the job requirement: “The ability to spin the truth into self-serving narratives to preserve the reputations of our Founding Fathers and our inherited dysfunctional culture.”

  5. ANO

    Always loved the “you came in 2nd” line….in such situations it is better to be silent and simply thank the applicant for their time and interest and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

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