As a working journalist and producer, writing meaningful and understandable pieces is important. I love talking about issues. I love that issues can have two, four, six, twelve sides or more. I love that writing and talking can actually persuade people and effect change. Journalists are trained to be fair (“balance” is a popular word these days, but it’s not the journalists job to “balance” anything, it’s their job to report it).

Sweating the Small Stuff

I don’t have a lot of spare time these days, and I’m always happy to expose my lassitude by cross-posting interesting stuff. The article yesterday is a good example.

Today’s effort comes from LCC observer and CEF/Synod message forum pundit ANO. His “Lutheran Watch” blog quietly chronicles the technical details of Synod’s various issues. The latest installment is entitled “Sweating the Restructuring Details.

If the fact that elections during the Synod Convention weren’t completed weren’t enough (nope, they weren’t – several elected positions will be appointed, which usually goes so well in our Synod), then you’ll love the fact that Synod is making it up as it goes along, again.


Why bother seeing through lead?

If you can’t see through lead, that’s normal. Most people don’t have actual “super vision.” LCC also lacks supervision.

An essay on the “Brother’s of John the Steadfast” website put a pretty fine point on things where one pastor serves in Central District. He raises good points that one would have hoped would be raised at convention. Instead: restructuring. Meh. The Titanic is shuffling the deck chairs.

You can read the essay on the Brothers of John the Steadfast* website. It comes replete with a spitball title: “Ecclesiastical Supervisors as the Devil’s Accomplices.”

Ouch. Forget the spitball, that’s a bean-ball. And right on target.


* John the Steadfast was Luther’s elector (Prince) and defender

note: the opening paragraph of the article outlines a situation in Central District where a congregation turfed its pastor without ecclesiastical cause (which is what’s required). We’ll have a future blog on the situation and on District and Synod’s inaction in the near future.

Great Moments in LCC History

ABC District had the biggest news to share but it barely got a line and a link. In fact, ABC Connect, the District’s newsletter, doesn’t even mention specifically what the news is. But it’s huge and historical. Naturally we’re skipping over it as best we can.

On October 25, 2017, a federal court lifted the stay of proceedings in place since January 2015. The stay of proceedings is a legal instrument in bankruptcy protection so creditors can’t sue debtors until their finances are in place.

Now, it turns out, ABC District’s finances are in place.

Document: Court Order Lifting CCAA Stay of Proceedings

So, this Reformation Day, we can be reminded that the courts had to intervene and manage the church’s financial affairs, which were a disaster. The administrative situation was equally grim. Grim enough to go from a staff of 14 to a staff of 3. This is church growth LCC style: make huge mistakes, don’t own up to them, and then definitely don’t act to correct the errors.

Yes, we have confirmation that church members can sue the church. Let the lawsuits begin. Happy Reformation Day, courtesy of LCC and ABC District.