Pastor Clifford and

Somewhere on the shores of Lake Huron, Pastor Clifford is pounding the pedals to raise some money for Bibles with a fundraising event called

You should visit Pastor Clifford’s sponsorship page and make a donation. Because it’s a good thing to do. And because cycling is awesome.

Pastor Clifford is 80% of the way to his $1000 fund-raising goal. Methinks that should be closer to at least $1500 for those of you who are going to chip in. More is more after all.

Keep the rubber side down and the helmet side up Pastor Clifford!


One thought on “Pastor Clifford and

  1. Rev. Robert Clifford

    I bike for practice & training on the shore of Lake Huron (biking 100km round trip from Kincardine to Southampton for Tuesday morning Bible Class – to save the congregation the car mileage expense), but the actual ride is in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia.

    The ride is ~ 900 km in 7 days on highways in the Rocky Mountains, kind of like the Tour de France (Revelstoke, Nakusp, Nelson, Creston, Cranbrook, Invermere, Golden, Revelstoke).

    Yes, that’s my back on the Canadian Bible Society bike4Bibles home page, looking out at beautiful scenery; & you’ll also see me in a group shot with my bike over my head.

    On Sunday mornings I don’t bike around between the 3 little Ontario congregations because I might get chain oil on my white alb (I think the Flying Nun had a covered bicycle chain, & she wore a black habit so it wouldn’t show anyway).

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