I have trust issues. For instance: I’m suspicious of chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes you’ll see a big delicious plate of cookies at a reception or meeting. You grab a cookie. Your teeth break the slightly crunchy exterior and you anticipate the ooze of warm chocolate to tease your tongue. Except there is no chocolate. They’re raisins. RAISINS!? Ptoo pfft plech ptooey ptaaaahghghghg…

Et cetera.

Back on January 15 and 16, District held meetings across Alberta and BC to inform investors of what they already been told: CEF was insolvent.

So I have trust issues. But I’m not alone. There is one thing that sincerely troubles me about those meetings. The district board members and officers made an implicit request at the meetings to trust them with the plan to go forward. But clearly, they don’t trust those they serve.

This answer on the District’s own CEF Question and Answer page…

Screenshot 2015-02-26 14.21.35…sigh.


2 thoughts on “RENT-A-COP

  1. Ouch! I wish I had written that.

  2. Darlene

    Presumably Security Guards were present at the meetings to protect district staff since the depositors had already been abused.

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