Restructuring Message Board

Well, I don’t know where I was when this happened, but apparently someone created a message board/discussion forum (fora?) for LCC’s restructuring.

It’s not an official synodical message board, but rather an open spot for anyone to discuss any part of the issues surrounding restructuring. I’m absolutely going to be taking a looking and getting involved.

Join the conversation at

2 thoughts on “Restructuring Message Board

  1. So apparently I just had good timing. Yesterday was the first time in months that I logged into the CEF forums. Good job. Hopefully it has the desired effect. The trick is just getting people to engage openly.

  2. Michael Schutz

    It just happened last night. πŸ™‚

    It’s a spin-off of the CEF Investors forums to discuss all things LCC. And it’s not just for restructuring, but the restructuring is just top-of-the-mind right now, and easy to have some structured discussion around each of the items.

    There’s a general forum as well. Hoping that it’s just one piece of the puzzle that can help us heal and move forward.

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