Stewardship of the Past

One casualty of the District’s financial crisis  has been the Lutheran Historical Institute (LHI) – “an archive whose aim is to be a living repository of the record of Lutheranism in Canada, evidencing the religious faith of its people, past, present and future, and sharing it  with researchers, educators and the community at large.” When […]

Hope for Lutheran Historical Institute

One of the items that snuck under everyone’s radar in the District’s insolvency was the archive. During the District convention in May, delegates voted to offer the archive to the Synod. The funny thing about that is District didn’t know that the archive – formally called the Lutheran Historical Institute (LHI) – actually was part […]

Insight from History

The Lutheran Historical Institute (LHI, aka “the archives”) is slated to shutter its operations in a couple of weeks. Most people in the church are more concerned about the recent past – as in January 5, 2015 – when ABC District announced it was insolvent. There have been countless unanswered calls for an explanation of […]

History…is history.

After living in our neighbourhood for 15 years, we’ve just begun to get involved in our community league. My wife is the social chair of the community league executive, and I’m helping with communications work. What I appreciate about our community league in particular is its sense of history. Our local hall has pictures of […]