Taking the Edge Off

Hello there. I hope you had a lovely long weekend. Things change on the May long weekend: Canadians bask in the sunshine (Look Ma, no parka!), drink a lot of beer, and start wear white slacks. You may have also noticed a new look for Sola Gratia today: fewer ads.

It’s expensive to run a website. There are server costs, time, research, and just the hardware and software to run all this stuff. It’s basically a small business that doesn’t make a dime. It’s not about profit, bit’s about ideas.

To offset the costs, we experimented with ads from Google. While SolaGratia gets a lot of traffic (especially for an LCC Lutheran-focused website), one thing is clear: unless you’re pushing bjillions of pages a day, the only people making any meaningful money on online ads is Google. Enough of that sillyness.

Today we embark on a different approach: a donation button. Subscriptions can be onerous, and frankly, this is a volunteer exercise – I created a website, anyone who appreciates/likes it can choose to donate, or not.

Link: Donate to SolaGratia

At Sola Gratia we do our best to expose what is often hidden – the site was born out of the CEF debacle after all – and to provide a different perspective of events and decisions within LCC. I’d like to spend more time to researching and writing for SolaGratia – at this point, we’re doing what we can. We’d like to do more.

So if you appreciate Sola, click the donate button – choose an amount, and support us. Every little bit helps. And we’d be very grateful. Heck, we’re thankful even if you choose not to donate. Being here and taking the time to read and comment is a new way to engage LCC, and we’re just glad you’re here.