The End is Nigh

ABC District’s CCAA (bankruptcy protection) is nearing its end. On January 5, 2015 ABC District declare itself in a “sufficient cash flow shortage.” That particular baffle-gab (re: bullshit) was the first volley in a series of misses and misdirections from Distrct and Synod leadership when the insolvency was announced. Of course it only took a couple of weeks for District and Synod to put a clamp on communications and rig for silent running.

The fact that ABC District opted for legal protection against its own members and depositors, rather than, you know, repent and deal with the issue openly was baffling. We’re a church, but we revealed our church’s institutions are actually in the religion business. Like it or not, there is something of a Christian Industrial Complex. There are Christian only publishers, Christian only TV services (which are baffling to me), Christian music, and Christian businesses that look like churches. The emphasis from President Bugbee at convention (and the lawyer he referred to often who was conveniently seated by a microphone) was that LCC and ABC District are separate corporations: separate. The emphasis is always on separate. They have their wish.

Whether the church likes it or not, it’s going to be dealt with openly in court.

Now, it’s been three years, Synod and District leaders are silent, and so they’ve relegated the expression of the Gospel to empty words, which is sad, but not surprising. Lawyers strike fear into a lot of people. Luther was not one of those people. When facing legal conequences or worse, he simply stood by what he found in scripture. It wasn’t his faith, but his to declare that his faith in God was from God. When LCC leaders stand up, it’s to leave the room and let the lawyers do the talking. And talk they will.

Since the church is preoccupied with structure, conventions, lawyers, finances, membership, and other non-spiritual things, I’ve let the duty of daily reports fall to ANO’s blog. Well, I didn’t ask him…he was filling the gap while I’ve turned my attention to Mrs. SolaGratia who is My Beautiful Cyborg. As a result, I have less time to monitor the church’s ongoing weirdness because Mrs. SolaGratia needs my help to relearn to hear. Which is interesting. Terrifying. Exciting. Exhausting. And that’s before she’s even had the implant surgery. But I digress.

ANO has been doing yeoman’s work breaking down the church’s “stuff.” Here are a couple of good reads:

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If you really want your sphincter to pucker, read this article about recent charges laid by the Alberta and BC Securities Commissions.