Why bother seeing through lead?

If you can’t see through lead, that’s normal. Most people don’t have actual “super vision.” LCC also lacks supervision.

An essay on the “Brother’s of John the Steadfast” website put a pretty fine point on things where one pastor serves in Central District. He raises good points that one would have hoped would be raised at convention. Instead: restructuring. Meh. The Titanic is shuffling the deck chairs.

You can read the essay on the Brothers of John the Steadfast* website. It comes replete with a spitball title: “Ecclesiastical Supervisors as the Devil’s Accomplices.”

Ouch. Forget the spitball, that’s a bean-ball. And right on target.


* John the Steadfast was Luther’s elector (Prince) and defender

note: the opening paragraph of the article outlines a situation in Central District where a congregation turfed its pastor without ecclesiastical cause (which is what’s required). We’ll have a future blog on the situation and on District and Synod’s inaction in the near future.

3 thoughts on “Why bother seeing through lead?

  1. Anonymous

    The biggest problem with LCC is that we have never had good leadership.

  2. ANO

    I was thinking GPS guided artillery shell.

    • An observer’s rule of thumb as this issue in Central District develops: If you throw a rock into a pack of wild dogs, the one that yelps is the one you hit.

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